Systems and equipment for
portable use
The Pro-Target Impact is a portable system for firearms shooting training, and it can be used with any kind of ammunition.
The impact sensor for shot counting is remotely connected via cable so that it can be fixed to targets of any shape and size, weight and material. The electronic components are placed or buried at a certain distance from the target, so as to remain out of firing range. Moreover, the system, together with the activation of the shot-counting sensor, activates a high-efficiency LED illuminator for the simulation of enemy fire, thus enabling the operator to identify the target to engage; this function will stop automatically upon reaching the number of shots required for the elimination of the target.
Moreover, the system can be used as an activator for the simulation of the IED. In conjunction with the activation of the target, current outputs are provided to which smoke bombs, flash bang etc. can be connected, so to recreate scenarios more and more similar to the operational reality.
The aim is to provide a shooting training system which is simple and quick-to-use in any situation. (Shooting from helicopters, shooting against the tanks, metal plates, saturation shots, "dong”, etc.). 
Target Unit
Operating principle: shock/vibration transmitted from the structure when hit to the remote sensor
Calibers that can be used: all
(softair, non lethal munition, 9mm, 5.56mm, 12.7mm, 25mm, 40mm, 120mm etc.)
Detection area: The system detects the impact of the shot on the whole surface of the silhouette on which the sensor is fixed
Autonomy: >36h 
Measurements: 23x28x11cm
Weight: 6 kg